Working on a branch being to review

From question: For this approach, you do not want to merge your feature_a into feature_b repeatedly. Rebasing has been mentioned in other answers, but only for rebasing things onto master. What you want to do in your case is: Start your feature_b from feature_a, i.e.:git checkout feature_a git checkout -b feature_b Whenever feature_a changes while it is waiting to get merged into master, you rebase feature_b on it:… commit something onto feature_a … git checkout feature_b git rebase feature_a Finally, as soon as feature_a has been merged into master, you simply get the new masterand rebase feature_aonto it a last time:git checkout master git pull origin master git checkout feature_b git rebase –onto master feature_a feature_b This final rebase will graft all commits that are dangling from the feature_acommit (which is now irrelevant as it has been merged into master) right onto master. Your feature_b is now a simple, standard branch going right from master. EDIT: inspired from the comments, a little heads up: if you need to make some change which affects both features, then be sure to make it in feature_a (and then rebase as shown). Do not make it in two different commits in both branches, even if may be tempting; as feature_a is part of the history of feature_b, having the single change in two different commits will be semantically wrong and possibly lead to conflicts or “resurrections” of unwanted code, later.

Your project does not reference “.NETFramework,Version=v4.7.2” framework. Add a reference to “.NETFramework,Version=v4.7.2” in the “TargetFrameworks” property of your project file and then re-run NuGet restore.

Recently, I found an error when I try to building the application that I worked for. So I started to add some post to collect the error I found and solved to save my day later on. For this error, to solve the problem is clean/remove project.assets.json in [obj] folder and try to rebuild the application again. Original Link:

Come out and play

Billie Eilish released a new single Tuesday (Nov. 20) as part of Apple’s “Share Your Gifts” holiday ad campaign. “Come Out and Play” starts off with a few gentle guitar notes before Eilish comes in with vocals so soft that it sounds like a lullaby. In Apple’s touching campaign, animated characters are fearful to show off their talents to the world as Eilish sings lyrics such as, “You’ll never know until you try it/ You don’t have to keep it quiet.”

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Babe got sick

Recently, One of my dog named “Babe — One pig of the leading character from the movies” got sick. She has an Idiopathic Vestibular disease. Her symptom has mostly tilted the neck all the times. She also bored with food (-normally she eat a lot so her name come from this habit). I bring her to the veterinary every week starting from three weeks ago. He said because of her ages (-15 years old), so she might not get better very soon or maybe she could not recover from this disease.

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