Babe got sick

Recently, One of my dog named “Babe — One pig of the leading character from the movies” got sick. She has an Idiopathic Vestibular disease. Her symptom has mostly tilted the neck all the times. She also bored with food (-normally she eat a lot so her name come from this habit). I bring her to the veterinary every week starting from three weeks ago. He said because of her ages (-15 years old), so she might not get better very soon or maybe she could not recover from this disease.
She took an injection every week when we met the veterinary, and she also got some pills to eat every day.
My responsibility is taking care of her, bring her to walk and feed the milk when she could not eat normal animal food.
I hope she will get better in some days or not suffering much from it.

I bring her to walk at the garden in front of my house every day.
She could not walk by herself. I have to carry her from the cage and drop her in the floor.
The food gel to feed sick animal could help when she bored the food and drink only milk.

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