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I’m back (Kindle)

Long time no see … no post from me because I’m too lazy and didn’t have a topic to post, every day passed like yesterday, the same old day. so boring. But today I started to think about the new project that I will post a picture and I will give some explanation to tell something about it. It will make a chance for me to take more pictures and my life might be more excite a bit. Start the first picture with my Kindle that I just bought it last month. I used it to improve my English skill. I had one before, but it was the old revision that not support Audible (-audio books) yet. After I spent some days with it, I’d like to recommend if you already had the old one even it could not support the audible yet, you don’t need to buy the new because I thought it could not be used for reading and listening at the same. It’s not a support multi-tasking task. So for me it quite useless to have it play the audio books and cannot read it during that time. I’ve got the dark blue cover from eBay. It’s only 300THB, very cheap. But please do not expect that the quality will be the same as the original from Amazon, It’s not good enough, just for simple protect your kindle from scratch or everyday use.